The Promise

Committed to running a solutions-based campaign,

Bringing people together by uniting - similarities and differences,

Rooted in community thought and spirit with a mindset of listening first. 

Partisan politics and out-of-touch representatives have for too long squandered opportunities to focus on life, education and pro-business policies leaving our families hopeless. Focused on rooting out corruption and ending the pay to play culture in Albany.


The belief in Life, Liberty and Justice is the foundation on which Peter stands on, on his mission to stop New York government from hemorrhaging New Yorkers and New York businesses; a change in culture to one that is truly people-centric, business friendly, and family focused. Issues like a struggling economy where, reasonable taxes, meaningful Jobs, the entrepreneurship spirit, and incentives to encourage upward mobility simply do not exist.


Education and financial literacy lead toward self-awareness uplifting people to their full potentials. Unfortunately, in New York, because of the lack of people-centric, business friendly, and family focused policies such as term limits and initiative & referendums, a culture of corruption stifling the growth of life, liberty & justice has become the status quo for governance.

focus on life, we focus on strengthening the family and enhancing quality of life”

Peter Will, 

  • Protect civil liberties and enhance our civil rights,


  • Re-Introduce A04770A (2017/18). A #peoplefirst legislation allowing we the people the use of initiative, referendum, and recall,


  • Cosponsor A06804. A #peoplefirst legislation adding term limits on elected officials and appointed legislative leaders,


  • Maintain a fearless and unapologetic stance for the protection of life, faith, liberty, and individual responsibility,


  • Integrate the concept of servant leadership creating a #peoplefirst standard in all Assembly dealings.

Peter says, "when we...

focus on education, we focus on a path that is rich and rewarding for our mind, body and soul”

Peter Will, 

  • Sponsor legislation for school choice. A #peoplefirst legislation allowing – parents – control of tax dollars paid for the education of their children,


  • Sponsor legislation reducing the Department of Education to a supportive role for local education,


  • Sponsor legislation to abolish the regents’ board, shifting control of educational policy and curriculum to parents, teachers and students,


  • Sponsor legislation to make New York state a Home Rule state,


  • Foster partnerships with non-profit, faith and business organizations shifting emotional, social and mental needs allowing schools to focus on education.

focus on creating a pro-business culture, we focus on a path of achieving prosperity and reaching our full potential for every person in our community"

Peter will,


  • Block job killing mandates while working with the business community on common sense alternatives for reducing New York’s regulatory burdens,


  • Sponsor legislation to remove unwarranted licensure requirements, reduce fees for incorporation, and simplifying the business startup process,


  • Work with private investment and public grants to support the funding of shovel ready sites or rehabilitation of existing structures for new or expanding business in the urban center,


  • Oppose all legislation that increases taxes while working closely with business, educators, and community leaders to find areas where efficiency and reform can fill any budget gaps,


  • Serve as the voice of the business community leveraging influence and relationships to spark innovation and evoke the entrepreneur spirit in our community.


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