About Peter Vazquez

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  • An Army disabled veteran,

  • Earned a Master of Strategic Leadership at Roberts Wesleyan College,

  • An entrepreneur and small businessman,

  • Serves on various volunteer boards and committees in the community,

  • A hardworking American who holds true to his values,

  • Demands integrity, respect, and responsibility in all his dealings,

  • Fully understands the issues that matter to all of us and knows that to fix a problem a leader must first listen,

  • Born and raised in the City of Rochester,

  • Lives in the town of Henrietta with his wife, Kristine M Demo-Vazquez, and five children - Brandon, Solomon, Sylus, Alyssa and Brent,

  • A high school teacher, business owner, and activist,

  • Has many years of community-centered service and decisive leadership in business and not-for-profit grassroots efforts,

  • A caregiver to elderly parents,

  • A Chaplain,

  • An uncompromising voice for those who are looking for a steady, rightful representative in the state Assembly.

Why is he Running?

  • Because partisan politics and out-of-touch representatives have for too long squandered opportunities to focus on life, education and entrepreneurship,


  • Families and neighbors without hope,


  • The moral compass of our community has been tilted by self-serving prevaricators,

  • It's been ten years! No change! Quality of life has not improved for most in the 138th Assembly District and New York State,

  • Even with a property tax cap and lowered income tax rates, New York remains ranked as the: highest taxed, unfriendly to business, in the top ten for child abductions, worst education system, unfriendly to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, job killing mandates, and a few other lists. Lists that accurately show the lack of representation we have in Albany,

  • We can correct this wrong by ensuring a rightful and needed change of our representation in Albany.


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